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Article thumbnail: Matt Dalton has experienced several episodes of homelessness after he left care at 18 (Photo: supplied via Become)

‘You’re given a safety net in care, but at 18, you can suddenly be homeless’

Matt Dalton tells i he felt relief when he was taken into care at 15 - but at 17, he faced the ‘care cliff’ as he was suddenly expected to fend for himself

‘Being in care ripped me away from my twin sister - I won’t lose her again'

The cost of the 2024 tax cuts

Article thumbnail: Kim Emenike went into care at the age of seven after her mohter died of cancer. She says she had to live in a hostel at the age of 17 and was surrounded by drug dealers and former prisoners while studying for her A levels (Photo: supplied via Become)

'As a young child, you don’t know what care is. You’re suddenly put in a taxi’

'I was moved 250 miles in care - people stared at me because I was black'