Daily online puzzles: Why you should challenge yourself with i’s wide range of puzzles

Brain-teasing conundrums to keep you busy before breakfast, on your lunch break or your commute home.

i has an exclusive online puzzle section for those who sign up to a new digital subscription.

The section, curated daily by our expert puzzles team, offers seven brain-teasing conundrums to keep you busy before breakfast, on your lunch break or your commute home.

Our package for digital subscribers provides access to all seven of those daily puzzles, which can be accessed on phone, desktop or tablet. You can subscribe here, and come back every single day to take more.

What you get to play:

Sudoku: Easy & Tough

It wouldn’t be an i puzzle section without this reader-favourite and to make sure everyone can get involved, we’re giving you two a day with varying difficulty levels.


Exclusive to i, this version of your favourite numbers game will have your cogs turnings. Each numeral from 1 to 9 must appear (once only) in the squares forming the red letter i.

Five-Clue Cryptic

You’ll have just five clues to break the code on this cryptic puzzle and brain teaser to keep you guessing as you attempt to piece the parts together.


Get ready to be a codeword codebreaker. The numbers in the grid correspond to the letters of the alphabet. Solve the puzzle and fill in the letters in the key as you can discover them. Three letters are provided to give you a start.


Each guess of our splitwords game contains half a word relating to the given theme. Match words to theme and you’ll soon be on your way to dominating this puzzle.


You may already know this as a jigsaw crossword and if so you’ll know how fun it can be for word game enthusiasts. As all the answers are supplied only a proportion of the clues will be given for you to solve the crossword.

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